About My Blog

I decided to write a blog to record details of my family history and my efforts to trace my ancestors.  I know not everyone is interested in family history and that includes members of my own family.  For some people life is about now and where you are going.  I agree with that but for me knowing how I got here and what came before is fascinating.

I don’t expect to find that I am related to money, to royalty or that my family made (and lost) a fortune.  I have however found some interesting facts and stories about some of the people in my family tree.  I want to use my blog to tell 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th century stories in a 21st century way.

If you find my blog interesting or even if you don’t I welcome your comments and stories about your own family history research.  If by some remote chance that you think we might be related you need to know that I am not rich, I am not famous and there are no family heirlooms with your name on.



  1. Hi there,, I just happened upon your site whilst looking up a family member’s phone number. I have no idea how to do blogs, but am familiar with emails. Saw an article about my Grandfather, Benjamin Gawthrop which interested me greatly please email me on the address entered. Thanks
    Pat Abel


  2. Just seen your blog whilst researching Spink family, if your ancestor was John Spink a shoemaker born in 1801 and married Sophia Shuttleworth Kitchen then we are distantly related I am descended from his brother William born 1804.

    Marion M


    1. Hi Marion – thanks for your comments and for reading my blog. Yes I am descended from John Spink & Sophia Shuttleworth Kitchen. I have John’s parents as William Spink and Anne Richardson. Does this match your information?

      I didn’t have your William (b1804) – I only have my John and a brother James (b1799). If there is any information you can send me about your Spink line that would be great, similarly I am happy to share details of John and Sophia’s line.

      You can email me directly at mikedawson1953@msn.com.

      Many thanks.



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