William Holdsworth Hurtley

Sunday’s Obituary – William Holdsworth Hurtley

William Holdsworth Hurtley is my 2nd cousin 2 x removed.  Our common ancestors are Thomas Hurtley (1772-1855) and Hannah Braidley (1778-1858) who are my 3x great grandparents.

William was born in 1865 to parents Robert Hurtley and Mary Holdsworth.  He was born and raised in Leeds, West Yorkshire together with his siblings – Thomas, Annie Maria and Robert Frank.

From everything that I have found on the Internet it is clear that William was very academic excelling in the field of chemistry.  A simple Google search will produce plenty of scholarly references about his work.  He lectured in the subject at the University of London and was a Fellow of the Chemical Society and an original member of the Biochemical Society.

Here is a copy of William’s obituary from the Journal of the Chemical Society