James Dawson

On this day … 5th June

1791 … Ann Nightingale was born in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.  Her parents were Thomas Nightingale and Ann Wigglesworth.

1859 … James Dawson was buried at Holy Trinity church, Cowling, West Yorkshire.  He is my 1st cousin 4x removed.

On this day … 2nd June

1839 … James Dawson was born in Keighley, West Yorkshire.  His parents were James Dawson and Emma Buckley.  He is my grand uncle.

1871 … Maria Buckley (nee Hindle) died in Keighley, West Yorkshire.  She is the wife of my 2nd great grand uncle.

On this day … 14th May

1738 … Chambers Bentley was born in Appletreewick, Yorkshire. He is the 3x great grandfather of the wife of my 4th cousin 1x removed.

1795 … Thomas Ainsworth and Mary Briggs were married. They are my 4x great grandparents.

1800 … William Hurtley died in Gargrave, West Yorkshire. He is my 4x great grandfather.

1860 … Sarah Snowden was born to parents John Snowden and Martha Nelson. She is the 2nd cousin 1x removed of the wife of my 2nd great grand uncle.

1887 … Mary Buckley died in Keighley, West Yorkshire. She is my 2nd great grand aunt.

1891 … Emma Buckley and James Dawson married at Steeton with Eastburn parish church in West Yorkshire. They are my great granndparents.

On this day … 16th April

1816 … Edward Bentley was born at Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire.  He is the maternal grandfather of my wife’s 4th cousin 1x removed.  His parents were David Bentley and Dorothy Gill

1857 … James Dawson was born in Cowling, West Yorkshire.  His parents were John Dawson and Ellen Gawthrop.  He is my great grandfather

1868 … Harrison Musgrove died in Kendal, Westmoreland.  His parents were William Musgrove and Harriot Francis.  He is my 2x great grandfather

1928 … Thomas Ainsworth Musgrove died in Clitheroe, Lancashire.  His parents were John Musgrove and Catherine Ainsworth.  He is my great grandfather