GRO Indexes

Espley One Name Study Update #2

The last few weeks I have spent most evenings transcribing information from the IGI and the GRO indexes into my trusty notebook.

I have now completed all the IGI records and all the births up to 2005.  Just this week I made a start on the GRO marriages.

I have prepared a spreadsheet to eventually capture all the details.  However I am not yet convinced this is the way I want to go.  So the IT options are still open.

I used to think that the GRO index was infallible and that any mistakes on Ancestry for example would be down to incorrect transcription.  I now realise how naive I was.

I discovered duplicate entries and one person registered three times!

So my biggest lesson so far – check the information, then check it again and again if necessary.  Always try to find the original document, record or index.

Because I have been concentrating so much on the One Name Study I haven’t done much of anything else.

I still have to join the Guild of One Name Studies and register the Espley name.  I decided to wait a while until I gathered more information – especially about the origins of the name and the variants I want to include in the study.  At the moment I am thinking that the variant spellings will be – Esply, Esplee, Aspley and Asply.

I know that there is an Espley Group on Facebook and my wife (Jayne) has joined them.  Perhaps that might also be a source of information.