George Holroyd Harrison

Wedding Wednesday – Richard Teale Crabtree and Ellen Dorothea Harrison

Ellen Dorothea Harrison is my 3rd cousin 1x removed. Her parents are George Holroyd Harrison and Florence Shaw Hurtley. Our common ancestors are Thomas Hurtley and Hannah Braidley – my 3x great grandparents.

Ellen was born on 11 August 1908 in Leeds, West Yorkshire. She was the fourth of five children to George and Florence.

On 25 June 1935 Ellen married Richard Teale Crabtree at St. Edmund’s Church, Roundhay, Leeds. A report of the marriage was published in the Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer the following day (image taken from

Crabtree & Harrison wedding - Yorkshire Post nad Leeds Intelligencer 26 June 1935.png


Mr R T Crabtree and Miss E D Harrison

The marriage took place yesterday at St Edmund’s Church, Roundhay, Leeds, of Mr Richard Teale Crabtree and Miss Ellen Dorothea Harrison. The bridegroom, who is advertising manager of the “Yorkshire Evening News,” is the son of Mr and Mrs Robert W Crabtree, of Brookwood, North Park Avenue, Roundhay, and the bride is the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs George H Harrison, of Rydal Bank, Roundhay. A brother-in-law of the bridegroom, the Rev K C Oliver, Vicar of St Cyprian’s, Birmingham, helped the Rev C Clare, Vicar of St Edmund’s, to conduct the service.
The bride wore a dress of white point lace in a leaf design outlined with silver thread. Half circles of net-edged lace overlapped on the hem of the train, which was cut in with the skirt, and a halo headdress of orange blossom held in place a net veil. Harrisii lilies were carried.
Four bridesmaids attended her, wearing azure-blue satin and long coats of frilled net. They were Miss Cynthia Harrison and Miss Ruth Crabtree (sisters of the bride and groom), Miss Mavis Brown and Miss Cynthia Harrison, of London, the bride’s niece. Their halo caps were of net to match their frocks and they carried bouquets of shell pink roses.
A reception was held at the Mansion, Roundhay.

Crabtree & Harriosn Wedding Photo

Wedding Wednesday – Dudley Greaves Harrison and Marguerite Thornton

Dudley Greaves Harrison is my 3rd cousin 1x removed. His parents are George Holroyd Harrison and Florence Shaw Hurtley. Our common ancestors are Thomas Hurtley and Hannah Braidley – my 3x great grandparents.

Dudley was born on 2 December 1903 in Leeds, West Yorkshire. He was baptised on 13 March 1904 at St. Michael’s Church, Headingley, Leeds.

Dudley Harrison and Marguerite Thornton

Dudley and Marguerite

On Thursday 16 June 1932 Dudley married Marguerite Thornton at Wetherby Parish Church, Yorkshire. Details of the wedding were announced in the Yorkshire Evening Post on the same day (images from

Dudley Harrison & Marguerite Thornton - YEP 16 June 1932.png


Miss Marguerite Thornton and Mr. D. G. Harrison

The wedding took place today, at Wetherby Parish Church, of Mr. Dudley G. Harrison, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. George H. Harrison, of Rydal Bank, Roundhay, Leeds, and Miss Marguerite Thornton, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Thornton, of Brentwood, Wetherby (late of Dewsbury).
Miss Thornton is the lady captain of the Wetherby Golf Club, and Mr. Harrison is associated with the firm of George H. Harrison and Sons, colour printers, of Leeds and London.
The service was choral, and the Rev. G. T. Shettle, vicar of Hunsingore, officiated.
The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a close-fitting gown of cream satin, with an antique Limerick lace veil held in place by clusters of jessamine and myrtle, and carried Harrisii lilies.
Miss Doris Knowles and Miss Anne Himsworth (cousins of the bride), and Miss Dorothea Harrison and Miss Cynthia Harrison (sisters of the bridegroom), attended her in blue taffeta with net puff sleeves, and gold tissue caps, trimmed with rosebuds. They carried bouquets of roses.
There were two child attendants – Master Geoffrey George Russell Harrison and Miss Diana Cynthia Harrison, nephew and niece of the bridegroom. Mr. Leonard Harrison, of Newcastle, was the best man, supported by three groomsmen, Mr. Robert Thornton, Mr. Leslie E. Booth and Mr. A. Gordon McCandlish.
A reception was held at Brentwood, Wetherby, after which the couple left for a motoring tour in the South of England.

Black Sheep Sunday – Cecil Hurtley Harrison

Cecil Hurtley Harrison is my 3rd cousin 1x removed. His parents are George Holroyd Harrison and Florence Shaw Hurtley. Our common ancestors are Thomas Hurtley and Hannah Braidley – my 3x great grandparents.

Cecil was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire on 17 August 1901. He was the second of five children.

In the 1911 census Cecil, his parents and his siblings are living at 58 Shaftsbury Avenue, Roundhay, Leeds.

Twelve years later Cecil found himself in trouble for dangerous driving. The following story is from the Yorkshire Evening Post of 5 April 1923 (image from

Cecil Hurtley Harrison - YEP 5 April 1923.png



For driving a motor-car in a dangerous manner, Cecil Hurtley Harrison (21), of Shaftsbury Avenue, Roundhay, was fined £10 and costs in Leeds today, while his licence was also endorsed.
It was stated that on March 15 Police Constable Dodge was on duty in Roundhay Road when a big touring car flashed past, and, almost at the same moment, collided with a motor-cycle.
Both vehicles were travelling towards the city. As the car did not stop, the constable blew his whistle, but the driver continued his journey.
The motor-cycle was damaged, though, fortunately, the rider, Mr. William Arthur Dalby, of Wyke, was able to go home without seeking medical aid.
On arrival at the police station, the constable learned that the defendant had called and reported that he was driving at a speed of 25 to 30 miles an hour when he suddenly saw the motor-cyclist in front of him, and was unable to avoid him.

I guess that Cecil perhaps panicked and then realised the consequences of not stopping. I am glad that he at least had the good sense to go to the police station and report the accident.