Family Search

One-Name Study Update #1

I started work on my “Espley One-Name Study” on 29 October.

I don’t know if other people keep manuscript notes but it certainly works for me. So I have today finished transcribing the GRO births for 1837-1915 in to a new reference book I started just for this project.

My next step is to tackle the birth records on the IGI.

I have also registered a website domain name for when I am ready to publish the results of my study.

Things still to to do

  • join The Guild of One-Name Studies and register the Espley name with them
  • more research about computer software options
  • prepare a plan for when I finish recording the IGI births
  • continuing research on the Espley name – locations, historical facts etc.

I will be doing other family history tasks as well – so the “one-name study” will take a back seat from time to time.

This last week I have also been indexing census and draft records for Family Search. So it seems as though I have spent every spare minute in front of the lap top.

May be time for an IT break – then again may be not!


52 Weeks To Better Genealogy – Challenge #44 – Giving Back

I got my Facebook invitation from Geneablogger to take part in this week’s challenge. Being new to this genealogy blogging thing I wasn’t sure what it was all about apart from I guessed giving something back to the genealogy community.

So I clicked on the links in the Facebook message.

Like most other researchers I have used Family Search for many years – especially for IGI information. I must admit that I hadn’t given much thought to all the work that goes in to the indexing of the various records. Just grateful that someone has done it.

However today I signed up to be an indexer for Family Search and completed my first five batches. I intend to make this a regular task. It didn’t take long – only perhaps and hour or so. That’s not much time to give to such vital work for genealogists now and in the future.

If you haven’t signed up then go to the Family Search website and have a look.

I also clicked on another link to Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness.

RAOGK is a global volunteer organisation with over 4000 volunteers in every US state and many international locations. Volunteers take time to do everything from looking up local records to taking pictures of tombstones for other researchers who are unable to get to a particular place – perhaps because it’s in another country.

So I’ve volunteered to take photographs of tombstones in cemeteries in West Yorkshire (England).

I feel as though I have done something really worthwhile today – must reward myself with a glass or two of something alcoholic tonight. Maybe best not to do any indexing afterwards.