Surname Saturday – Buckley

There are 54 Buckley’s so far in my tree.  The earliest is my 3x great grandfather, Thomas Buckley.

According to surnamedb Buckley is of Anglo-Saxon origin.  It is said to be a locational name from a number of places such as Buckleigh in Abbotsham (Devon), Buckley Heath in Sussex and Buckley Green in Warwickshire.

Most of the place names derive from the Olde English pre 7th century “bucc(a), meaning a he-goat, plus “leah” – a clearing or wood.

In Ireland the surname is said to be found as an Anglicised form of the Gaelic “O’Buachalla” – a byname meaning cowherd or servant.

The name is believed to be first recorded in the early half of the 13th century and include William de Bockeleye in the Subsidy Rolls of Warwickshire in 1332.  Also John Buckley in the 1545 Subsidy Rolls of Wiltshire.

These days there are many variant spellings of the surname such as Bucklee and Buckleigh.

Among the earliest namebearers to settle in the New World Colonies were Ben Buckley (aged 11years) and Daniell Buckley (aged 9 years), who left the port of London bound for New England in April 1635 aboard the “Suzan and Ellin”

The first recorded spelling of the family name is said to be Alan de Buckeleg which is dated 1235 in the Feet of Fines of Warwickshire.


What’s in a name?

I was recently browsing through the list of names in my family tree and noticed quite a few occurrences of surnames becoming first names. It got me wondering how common this was and I suspect that certainly in the 18th and 19th centuries it was seen more often – but that is just a guess. The tradition in my family seems to have stopped for the most part, although I haven’t explored many lines into the last century.

So I though it would be interesting to post some examples from my tree.

Mason Buckley is my 2 x great grand uncle. His parents are Thomas Buckley and Henrietta Mason – my 3 x great grandparents.

Watson Dawson is my 3 x great grand uncle. His parents are John Dawson and Ann Watson – my 4 x great grandparents. The name Watson was also carried on in to subsequent generations.

Daniel Owen Espley is my wife’s grandfather. His father Frederick married Frances Owen.

John Bentley Hurtley is my first cousin 3 x removed. His parents are Thomas Hurtley and Maria Bentley.

Bracewell Kighley is my second cousin 3 x removed. His father is Isaac Kighley who married Sarah Bracewell.

Greenwood Lonsdale – is the son of Thomas Lonsdale and Sarah Greenwood.

Thomas Ainsworth Musgrove is my great grandfather and his parents are John Musgrove and Catherine Ainsworth.

My grandfather Fred Ainsworth Stowell Musgrove got his name from his parents Thomas Ainsworth Musgrove and Ellen Stowell.

My uncle Stowell is the last in that particular Musgrove line to carry on the tradition.

John Robert Turner Musgrove is my grand uncle. His parents are Joseph Musgrove and Elizabeth Ann Turner.

George Wigglesworth Nightingale – his parents are Thomas Nightingale and Ann Wigglesworth.

I really like the tradition and it’s quite sad that it has stopped.

How common is this tradition in your family?