My Family History

This page has information about some of the families in my tree.

Here’s a link to an index of names in an early version of my family tree uploaded to Family Tree Maker Online.  I can’t remember how long ago this version was uploaded but it does need updating when I get chance.


This is my paternal line.  The earliest ancestor I have traced so far is John Dawson (born about 1768), my 4xgreat grandfather.  I was brought up believing that I came from good Yorkshire stock.  Although most of my early ancestors were born and lived in and around Cowling – between Keighley in West Yorkshire and Colne in Lancashire – it seems that John Dawson (c1768) may well have been born near Clitheroe in Lancashire.  I haven’t yet been able to confirm this with any certainty but there is some evidence that this is indeed the case.  Watch this space!!

John Dawson (c1768 – 1832) and Ann Watson (c1772 – 1846):- Priscilla, John, James, Thomas, Alice, Elizabeth, William, Watson and John

Thomas Dawson (c1799 – 1874) and Margaret Snowden (c1800 – 1879):- John, Ann, Priscilla, William, Esther, Elizabeth, Thomas, James and Margaret

John Dawson (c1819 – 1881) and Ellen Gawthrop (c1824 – 1892):- Thomas, Martin, Isaac, William, John, Ann, James, Ellen, Margaret, Joseph and Matthew

James Dawson (1857 – 1931) and Emma Buckley (1863 – 1935):- Sarah Ellen, Annie, Harry, James, George Isaac and Joseph

Joseph Dawson (1903 – 1978) and Alice Hurtley (1900 – 1987):- Harry and Graham

Graham Dawson (1930 – 2008) and Alice Musgrove (1930 – )


I have my paternal grandmother’s line going back to my 9xgreat grandfather, John Hurtley, born about 1590.  I must admit that I haven’t actually done all of this research myself and I haven’t yet checked it for accuracy.  However there are quite a few “trees” on  where other people have this same information and I have just added their research to my own tree.  If the information is correct then the Hurtley’s originate from the Kirkby Malhamdale area of Yorkshire(  My own branch of the family moved south through the generations to the area around Skipton and Cononley.

John Hurtley (c1590):- Thomas

Thomas Hurtley (1609) and Elizabeth Deane:- William

William Hurtley (1633):- James

James Hurtley (1654) and Agnes Lawson:- Henry

Henry Hurtley (1700) and Jane Unknown:- William

William Hurtley (c1722 – 1800) and Elizabeth Clark (c1730):- Thomas

Thomas Hurtley ( – 1855) and Hannah Braidley (1778 – 1858):- Martha, John, Thomas, Hannah, Mary and James

James Hurtley (1819 – 1887) and Hannah Dinsdale (1821 – 1900):- Thomas, John, Mary E, James, Esther Hannah, Ann and William D

James Hurtley (1858 – 1917) and Ellen Paley (1859 – 1934):- Rhoda, James, Jessie, Maggie, Nellie, Tom, Alice

Alice Hurtley (1900 – 1987) and Joseph Dawson (1903 – 1978)


My mother’s parents were both called Musgrove.  So first here is my Grandads side of the family – starting out in Kendal, Westmoreland.

Joseph Musgrove (c1791 – 1858) Jane Dewhurst (c1803):- John

John Musgrove (c1833 – 1884) and Catherine Ainsworth (1837 – 1887):- Susannah, George, Thomas Ainsworth, Joseph and James

Thomas Ainsworth Musgrove (1860 – 1928) and Ellen Stowell (1861 – 1933):- Ellen, Robert, Mary Alice, Joseph Ainsworth Stowell, Harry, Annie and Fred Ainsworth Stowell

Fred Ainsworth Stowell Musgrove (1898 – 1975) and Florrie Musgrove (1897 – 1971):- Kathleen, Thomas, Joseph Harry, Hazel, Elizabeth, Stowell, Alice and Mary

Alice Musgrove (1930 – ) and Graham Dawson (1930 – 2008)

Next is my Nanny’s side of the Musgrove clan.  From what I can gather they came from the Hawkshead area of Lancashire – at least it was in Lancashire back in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Hawkshead is near to lake Windermere which is now in Cumbria.  Also the family name has changed over the generations – from Musgreave to Musgrove.  I still have much more research to do to get a better understanding of the family.

Joseph Musgreave (c1703):- Alice, Robert, Thomas and Joseph

Joseph Musgrave (c1736):- Joseph, William and John

William Musgrove (c1760):- Betty, George, Joseph, Ellin, William, Anthony, Sarah and John

William Musgrove (c1795 – 1861) and Harriot Francis (c1795 – 1866):- Eliza Francis, Anthony, George, William, Harrison, Anthony and Elanor

Harrison Musgrove (c1834 – 1868) and Jane Rooking (c1833 – 1873):- Agnes, Harrison, William, George Albert, and Joseph

Joseph Musgrove (1866 – 1933) and Elizabeth Ann Turner (1873 – 1946):- John Robert T, Thomas, Florrie, Mary Elizabeth, James, Joseph, Leah, Isabel, Alice and Joseph

Florrie Musgrove (1897 – 1971) and Fred Ainsworth Stowell Musgrove (1898 – 1975)


  1. looking for relatives of George Joseph Musgrove born we think 1886 in Rythrop England and came to South Carolina about 1904 went back to England in 1905 and returned to US in 1907.


  2. Hi Mike, my wifes family are also Hurtleys originating in Kirkby Malham, then moving on to Gargrave and Leeds. Both of your family trees cross with Thomas Hurtley, born 1772 who married Hannah Braidley.


    1. Thanks for the comment Richard. I thought I recognised your name – we have exchanged messages about our Hurtley trees on Genesreunited back in 2006/2007. Hope your research is still going well.


  3. Hi Mike, thought I recognised the name. Yes research is still going ok, just trying to find a birth and marriage on my wifes Dads side of the family. It is proving rather difficult.


  4. Hi Mike,
    I am Christine Daughter of Doreen and ken monk, I beleive your mum and my maum are cousins. I am also interested in the family tree and have been told that Elizabet Ann Turner was a romany Gypsy is this a fact?.

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Christine – good to hear from you. I haven’t found any “proof” that Elizabeth Ann was a Romany Gypsy. I think it is family myth to be honest. In census returns she is described as a “hawker” and also her mother Mary Jane Turner (nee Carradice) is described as a “hawker”. If you haven’t already seen the census documents I can email you copies (send me your email address if you want them – you can find my email address on the home page of this blog). All the best – Mike.


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