Tombstone Tuesday

Tombstone Tuesday – William and Lucilla Dawson

This gravestone marks the resting place of William Dawson and his wife Lucilla (nee Whitaker).

I took the photograph on a recent visit to the Cowling Hill Baptist Chapel graveyard.


Tombstone Tuesday – Elizabeth Dawson (nee Overton)

This is the headstone at the grave of Elizabeth Dawson (nee Overton) at Holy Trinity Church, Cowling, West Yorkshire.  She married my 2nd cousin 3x removed, Thompson Dawson.

Elizabeth was born about 1848, probably in Cowling.  There are two births registered in the name of Elizabeth Overton, one in 1847 and the other in 1848.  Both are registered in the Skipton registration district.  So without getting at least the marriage certificate and probably one or both birth certificates I can’t be sure which is the correct person.

Anyway, Elizabeth and Thompson married in the December quarter of 1868.  Again this was probably at Holy Trinity Church in Cowling.

Thompson and Elizabeth made their home in the small hamlet of Middleton on the outskirts of Cowling.  I have found them in the 1871 census together with their son William Henry Dawson.

They had at least one other son, Ernest, born in 1874.

Elizabeth died on 8 June 1880 and was buried four days later at the young age of 32.

Tombstone Tuesday – Joseph and Annie Musgrove

This headstone marks the resting place of my grand uncle Joseph Musgrove and his wife Annie Simpson.

Joseph was born 23 October 1912 to parents Joseph Musgrove and Elizabeth Ann Turner – my great grandparents.  He was the youngest of at least ten children.  Annie was born 26 September 1907.

Joseph and Annie married sometime in the first quarter of 1933 and the marriage was registered at Clitheroe, Lancashire.  They had two daughters plus grandchildren and great grandchildren.

As you can see from the headstone Joseph died 11 November 1989 and Annie died 26 January 2004.  They are buried at Christ Church, Chatburn, Lancashire.

Tombstone Tuesday – Joseph Musgrove (1866-1933)

This headstone marks the grave of my great grandfather Joseph Musgrove.  Also his son Joseph and daughter Isobel.

My great grandfather was born 1st December 1866 in Kendal, Westmorland.  His parents were Harrison Musgrove and Jane Rooking.  From what I have been able to establish Joseph was  the youngest of at least five children.

His first occupation described on the 1891 census is agricultural labourer.

In April 1893 Joseph married Elizabeth Ann Turner and before long they moved to Horton in Ribblesdale near Settle in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.  They lived at Foredale Cottages on the outskirts of the village.  The cottages were built for the workers at the local limestone quarry and that is where Joseph was employed.  Here’s a link to more information.

By 1901 the family had moved to Clitheroe in Lancashire where Joseph continued to work as a quarryman and they spent the rest of the lives raising a family of ten children.

Joseph died on 30 September 1933 and is buried at Clitheroe Cemetery.

As you can see from the headstone Joseph junior died as an infant in 1904.  And Isobel died 95 years old in 2001.

Tombstone Tuesday – Thomas Frederick Spink & others

Here is another gravestone at St. Mary’s church, Conistone, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales in England.

This is the resting place of my 1st cousin 3x removed, Thomas Frederick Spink.  Also his wife Elizabeth Ann and two of their three sons, Frederick Ellis and John Aubrey.

Thomas was born about 1881 to parents Joseph Spink and Isabella Hannah Metcalfe.  He appears on the 1881 and 1891 census returns living with his parents.

By 1901 Thomas had left home and moved to Barwick in Elmet, near Tadcaster – about 45 miles from Conistone. Thomas and two other brothers (Joseph Ellis and Robert Aubrey) are living with their oldest brother, John Metcalfe Spink and his family.  John’s occupation is a self employed butcher and Thomas is working as a butchers assistant.

In 1911 Thomas is back home with his parents living in Skipton, Yorkshire and his occupation is butcher.

The next record I have for Thomas is when he marries Elizabeth Ann Fawcett about June 1918.  Their marriage is registered in Skipton.  I haven’t done any research on Elizabeth’s line so have no further information about her.

Thomas and Elizabeth had at least three sons

• John Aubrey – born 24th December 1918

• Frederick Ellis – born about March 1921

• Jeffrey – born about December 1923

I spoke about Frederick Ellis a few weeks ago.  He died on active service in the RAF during WW2 on the 8th August 1944.  He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DCF).

Just under a year later on 24th June 1945 Elizabeth died and her death is recorded in the Skipton registration district in Yorkshire.

I haven’t been able to find any further information about Thomas.  I know from the gravestone that he died on 9th January 1959.

The other son buried here at St. Mary’s is John Aubrey.  I don’t have any confirmed information about his life.  I have found what is possibly a marriage for John but I haven’t spent any money on getting the certificate.  He died on 28th July 2000.

Tombstone Tuesday – Spink Sisters

This stone marks the resting place of two sisters.  I took the photograph on a recent visit to St. Mary’s church at Conistone in Craven, Yorkshire, England.

Annie Sophia Spink was born about 1861 around the start of the American Civil War.  Mary Jane Spink was born about 1865 in the same year that Lewis Carroll published Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

According to the 1871 census both sisters were born at Burnsall in the Yorkshire Dales – although this changes over the years and is sometimes shown as Conistone.  Their parents were Joseph Spink and Isabella Hannah Metcalfe who I spoke about last week in a Tombstone Tuesday post.

It took me a while to find Annie on the 1881 census until I tried a search under the name “Spinks” (with the addition of the “s”).  She is working as a dressmaker and is shown as a visitor at the home of Mary Ann Jacques (widower) in Skipton.

Mary Jane was also living in Skipton in 1881 and working as a domestic servant.

Ten years later in 1891 both sisters are back home with their parents.  Annie continues to work as a dressmaker but there is no occupation shown for Mary Jane.

The first census of the 20th century in 1901 has Annie staying at an address in the nearby village of Arncliffe with her cousin John Alderson.  I have no information about John Alderson – he doesn’t appear in my family tree at all – I imagine he is from an ancestor I haven’t researched yet.  Anyway, Annie continues to make her living as a dressmaker.

In the same census Mary Jane remains with her parents.  Her occupation is just shown as “worker”.

Annie married John Webster Smith sometime in the second quarter of 1907 and the marriage is recorded in the Skipton registration district.  I haven’t done any further research into Annie and John following their marriage.

Annie died at the age of 85 on 23rd March 1946.

Mary Jane remained a spinster all her life.  She was also 85 when she died on 5th September 1950.

Tombstone Tuesday – Joseph Spink & others

This gravestone is in St. Mary’s church, Conistone, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales in England.

Buried here is a father, a mother and two of their sons.

Joseph Spink is my 2x great grand uncle.  He was born on 11th March 1838 in Conistone to parents John Spink and Sophia Shuttleworth Kitching (my 3x great grandparents).

At the age of 13 on the 1851 census for Conistone with Kilnsey Joseph is living at home with his parents and three of his siblings – James, Sophia and John.  Their father John is working as a shoemaker as is James (aged 14).

In 1861 we find Joseph still at home with his parents in the village of Burnsall, not far from Conistone.  His siblings John and Sophia are also there together with a niece, Ann Elizabeth Spink (8).  Joseph has followed in his father’s footsteps and is working as a shoemaker and also as a rural messenger.

Sometime in the December quarter of 1861 Joseph married Isabella Hannah Metcalfe.  The marriage is recorded in the Skipton registration district.

I haven’t researched Isabella’s line so I don’t have any earlier information about her apart from her date of birth, 27th December 1839, which I got from the gravestone.  Oh, I also know from census records that she appears to have been born in the village of Arncliffe in the Yorkshire Dales.

The 1871 census has Joseph and Isabella living in Burnsall with three children – Annie Sophia, Mary Jane and John Metcalfe.  Joseph continues to work as a shoemaker.

The family has moved to Conistone by the time of the 1881 census.  As well as working as a shoemaker Joseph is described as a Post Master.  There are four children at home – John Metcalfe, Margaret E, Joseph Ellis and Thomas Frederick.

Moving on ten more years and Joseph appears to have given up making shoes.  His occupation on the 1891 census is Rural Postman.  The family are still in Conistone and there are five children at home – Annie Sophia, Mary Jane, Joseph Ellis, Thomas Frederick and Robert Aubrey.

At the turn of the century Joseph is 63 years old and still working as a rural postman.  The address on the 1901 census is the Post Office, Conistone and Isabella is described as Postmistress.  Their daughter Mary Jane (35) is the only one of the children at home.

The last available census is 1911 and Joseph is now described as a retired postman.  Joseph and Isabella will have been looking forward to their golden wedding anniversary in 1912.  They are living at “Sunnyside”, Consitone.  Also with them is their daughter Mary Jane (46), their son Thomas Frederick (31) working as a butcher, and their daughter Annie Sophia with her husband of three years John Webster Smith who is described as a grocer and beer retailer.

Isabella died on 21st November 1916 at the age of 76 and Joseph survived for almost three more years until his death on 3rd September 1919.

Joseph Ellis Spink was living at home at least until the 1891 census when he was 15 years old and working as a drapers assistant.  Sometime over the next ten years he moved to Barwick in Elmet near Tadcaster, about 45 miles from Conistone.  On the 1901 census he is living with his brother, John Metcalfe Spink and his family.  John’s occupation is a self employed butcher and Joseph Ellis is working as a butchers assistant.

Within two years Joseph Ellis passed away.  I haven’t got his death certificate but I know from the gravestone that he died on 2nd January 1903.

Robert Aubrey Spink first appears on the 1891 census living with his parents.  By 1901 he had also moved to Barwick in Elmet to live with his brother.  His occupation is described as sorting clerk.

In the 1911 census Robert is listed as a visitor at an address on Harehills Lane in Leeds.  He is working as a telegraphist.

The gravestone shows his date of death as 18th April 1923 and that he was accidentally killed.  I visited Leeds Central Library last week and found newspaper articles about Robert’s accident and these will feature in future blog posts.

I also found both Joseph Spink and Robert Aubrey Spink in the British Postal Service Appointment Books recently released on Ancestry.  Joseph is listed as a “runner” in 1856 having been appointed at Kilnsey, near Conistone.  He next appears in December 1880.  Robert Aubrey Spink started as a “learner” in May 1900 working in Leeds.