Day: December 8, 2019

Black Sheep Sunday – Bertram Lewis (1909-1968)

Bertram Lewis is my wife’s 3rd cousin 1x removed. His parents are John Lewis and Agnes Harrop. Their common ancestors are James Owen and Martha Brockhouse, my wife’s 3x great grandparents.

Bertram was born in Sandbach, Cheshire on 7 April 1909. He was baptised on 13 May 1909 at St James church, Congleton, Cheshire.

In the 1911 census Bertram, his parents and older brother John, were living in Booth Street, Congleton, By the time of the 1939 Register (compiled at the outbreak of WW2) Bertram had moved south to Surrey and had married Ellen Colborne sometime in the first quarter of 1936. They were living at Bullriding Farm, near Cobham and Bertram was the farm foreman.

Unfortunately Bertram appeared in the local courts a couple of times and the Surrey Advertiser reported both incidents (images from

The first report was on Saturday 23 March 1940

Bertram Lewis - Surrey Advertiser 23 March 1940.png

At Guildford Borough Police Court on Monday, Bertram Lewis, of Bullriding Farm, Cobham, was fined £3 for exposing an unhealthy cow for sale at Guildford Cattle Market on December 19th.

The next report is from Saturday 13 October 1945

Bertram Lewis - Surrey Advertiser 13 Oct 1945.png


At Kingston on Thursday, Bertram Lewis, a farmer, of Tyrley, Surrey Gardens, Effingham, was fined £5 for driving a car in a dangerous manner at Between Streets, Cobham, on the night of Sunday, September 16th, and £1 for failing to stop on the signal of a police officer in uniform. – Defendant was also ordered to pay 10s. 6d. costs.
Mr. A. A. Kilvert appeared for defendant, who admitted the second offence, but denied driving dangerously.
Evidence of P.C. Vicary and P.C. Herbert was that at 10.15 at night defendant rounded a corner from the main road at a fast speed and the car mounted the pavement, and after regaining the road swerved across the road to the opposite kerb. Afterwards defendant drove by P.C. Vicary, who flashed his torch at him and called out.
Defendant, who said that he had been driving for 17 years and was the holder of a clean licence, stated that his speed at the corner was not more than 20 miles an hour. At the time of the alleged offences he had a black-out and did not remember anything that happened. He was very exhausted at the time following an illness.

Bertram died in 1968 and as far as I can tell didn’t trouble that local papers again.