This is another photograph from my collection of unknown people.

The photograph is printed on a post card. The imprint on the reverse of the photograph is Charles Howell, Official Photographer, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool.

Whoever these two fine looking gentleman are they are presumably enjoying a holiday or day trip to Blackpool. I don’t know when the photograph was taken however. I do know that some of Howell’s photographs had a very helpful date stamp on the reverse – sadly that is not the case with this one.


There is quite a bit of information on the Internet about Charles Howell including this interesting blog post by Photo-Sleuth on his blog here.

It appears that Charles Howell opened a studio in 1913 at Bank Hey Street, Blackpool – just behind the promenade close to the Tower. He specialised in producing novelty caricature portraits. You could be photographed wearing a top hat, playing a banjo or holding a giant bottle of beer. You could also be “snapped” on a paper mache horse or a real live donkey.

However his trademark was a motorcycle (like the one above). If you follow the link to Photo-Sleuth you will see a photograph of the outside of Howell’s studio with the headline “Be Photographed on the Motor Cycle”.

Happy Days!!


  1. That’s a wonderful example of Charles Howell’s work. I particularly like the “Little Willie” top hat and the policeman’s helmet, props that I don’t think I’ve seen in portraits from this studio previously. If you can make the last two digits on the number plate, that will give you the year the portrait was taken.


    1. Thanks for looking and commenting Gluepot. I did a bit of research on the web and saw some similar photo’s. Unfortunately I can’t quite make out the last two digits on the number plate!


  2. I have a postcard if my Aunt Mary dates 30th June 1934 of this very same motorcycle and back cloth taken by Charles Howell.
    The full licence plate number is: CH 1934

    I assume the CH stands for Charles Howell!

    Desmond C


    1. Hi Desmond – thanks for your comment and apologies for delay responding. I have neglected my blog these past few months. Indeed I suspect CH does stand for Charles Howell and I imaging they changed the numbers each year. Best wishes.


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