Military Monday – Amos William Espley (1893-1969)

Amos William Espley is my wife’s 2nd cousin 2x removed. His parents are James Espley and Sarah Wakefield. The common ancestors of my wife and Amos are James Espley and Martha Silvester, my wife’s 3x great grandparents.

Amos was born in 1893 in Stockport, Cheshire and his birth is registered in Q4.

On 7 September 1912 Amos married Florence Poole and they lived at 24 Long Side Street, Heaton Moss, Stockport. He was employed as a “carter”.

Amos enlisted in the army very quickly after was declared. He joined up in Halifax on 20 August 1914 and was assigned to the 8th Battalion The Duke Of Wellington’s West Riding Regiment. His military service number was 10920.

It appears from the records I have been able to find on that Amos was stationed in Grantham in 1915. I haven’t been able to find any reference to service in France for example.

Amos “illegally absented himself without leave” from Grantham on 3 March 1915. There followed a Court of Inquiry on 1 April 1915 – see report below. The result was that Amos was “sent down”.

Amos William Espley - Court of Inquiry

Amos William Espley – Court of Inquiry

However I can’t find any record that he was physically found and incarcerated at all. There is reference in his military records that he was “struck off” as a deserter on 3 April 1915.

So I really have no idea what happened to Amos between 1915 and the end of the war, why he absented himself or what efforts the army made to find him.

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