Tombstone Tuesday – Thomas and Alice Thompson

This gravestone is at Holy Trinity church in Cowling, West Yorkshire.

Buried here are Thomas Thompson, his wife Alice (nee Dawson) and their daughter Mary Ellen.

Alice Dawson is my 2nd cousin 3x removed – our common ancestors are my 4x great grandparents John Dawson and Ann Watson. She was born on 18 November 1848 to parents James Wright Dawson and Mary Thompson.

Alice married Thomas Thompson sometime in Q4 of 1870. They had at least five children:-

• Mary Ellen – c1872

• James – c1880

• Sarah Lizzie – c1884

• William – c1886

• John David – c1888

Thomas worked as a warp dresser most of his life.

Alice passed away on 9 October 1926 at the age of 77. Thomas survived for almost another nine years until he died at the age of 85 on 8 May 1935. Their daughter Mary Ellen didn’t marry and she passed away on 12 November 1959 aged 88.


  1. Hi Mike – don’t look at Facebook very much, so was surprised just now to find this photo of my great-grandparents’ grave in Cowling on my news page. (My grandfather was John David). Thank you for all your hard work and one of these days, when I have more time, I must spend some of it looking through your site more carefully! Best wishes, Ruth L.


  2. Hi Mike, Hi Ruth….my sister, a cousin and I are looking into our family tree.
    Based mostly in Keighley, the names Thomas Thompson, William, Alice, Sarah all pop up atlot from the 1910 census, and my father’s knowledge all point to us being “possibly” related ……once we have all the info directly. I will pop it on here…’s hoping we do share a link, so we can help each other piece things together.

    Btw, my immediate family now in Keighley number 30+ so…if we are related….my god you got some relatives over here lol.

    Great work Mike.

    Mickey Thompson, Keighley.


    1. Thanks for looking and commenting Mickey. As far as I know most of my Dawson’s have moved away from Cowling and Keighley. I live in Leeds so not a million miles away. Look forward to hearing from you again.



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