Day: March 20, 2012

Edisford Bridge – Postcard #18

This is a postcard of Edisford Bridge, near Clitheroe in Lancashire.

The card is from the Valentine’s Series and was printed in Great Britain. It is postally unused and in good condition. There is no date but there is a serial number – 62116.

Research on the Internet suggests that the photograph was registered in 1909 but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the postcard dates from the same period. My feeling is that it might be a more modern reproduction.

In any event I purchased the postcard because of the location. I know that when my parents were ‘courting’ they used to go to Edisford Bridge.

Edisford Bridge incorporates the structure of a five arched bridge possibly dating from 1339. Today the bridge has nine spans and is considerably wider than the original. It is thought that a timber bridge had been constructed on the same spot even earlier.

Edisford – “the nobleman’s ford” or Anglo-Saxon nobleman – was the scene of an 1139 battle, where King David of Scotland’s army fought and defeated the less numerous Lancastrians.

The bridge is located about a mile west of Clitheroe Castle and is the subject of a noted painting by Turner.

For bridge enthusiasts here’s a link to more information – Transport Heritage.

Here’s the painting by Turner c.1799

I’ve never been to Edisford Bridge – I will have to put it on my ‘to do list’ – maybe this summer.