Day: February 26, 2012

Sunday Snap – Holiday Photo’s

Summer holidays when I was a young boy were taken at British seaside resorts. We regularly went to Blackpool and Cleethorpes for a week.  I also recall going to Great Yarmouth and Scarborough.

We stayed in a traditional seaside guesthouse for bed, breakfast, dinner and evening meal.

So a typical day – depending on weather – would include time on the beach, donkey rides, going to amusement arcades, rides at the Pleasure Beach or fun fair, and wandering around the town. In the evening parents might go to see a show at the theatre. I have memories of my dad taking me / us to a local cafe for a mug of Horlicks before bedtime.

One of the traditions at the end of the week was for a group photograph to be taken of all the people staying at the guesthouse. Here are two taken sometime during the 1950’s

On this one I am sat with my mum – second from the right (marked with a x). My dad is on the back row – again marked with a x.

On this next one I am stood in the middle in front of my mum. My grandma is next to us but I don’t who the young lad is in front of her. My granddad is third from left on the back row and my dad fifth from the left.

I don’t know for sure where either photograph was taken – I’m sure my mum might remember if I ask her. I think we went to Great Yarmouth with my grandparents so I guess the photograph just above could be from that holiday.

Does anyone else have similar memories of going on holiday and having a group photograph taken at the end of the week?