CWGC Website

I have just visited the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) website for the first time since it’s relaunch on 19 January.

I must say that I am really impressed both with the look and feel of the site.  It has certainly been brought ‘up to date’ with a much more modern style.

All the same information is there but is presented more clearly and I found it easier to navigate around the pages.

If you haven’t been on yet go and have a look.  What do you think about it?


One comment

  1. Many thanks for this prompt, Mike. Like you I am impressed with the clean, modern look of the site and in particular the printed certificates. Though my favourite style still has to be the beautiful named tribute with the royal coat of arms, which I fortunately printed off when I first started using the site, searching for my great uncles George and John Danson. I was never all that struck on the later heavier, dark version which somehow I always had trouble printing as well, losing the right hand side of the text.


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