Tombstone Tuesday – Elizabeth Dawson (nee Overton)

This is the headstone at the grave of Elizabeth Dawson (nee Overton) at Holy Trinity Church, Cowling, West Yorkshire.  She married my 2nd cousin 3x removed, Thompson Dawson.

Elizabeth was born about 1848, probably in Cowling.  There are two births registered in the name of Elizabeth Overton, one in 1847 and the other in 1848.  Both are registered in the Skipton registration district.  So without getting at least the marriage certificate and probably one or both birth certificates I can’t be sure which is the correct person.

Anyway, Elizabeth and Thompson married in the December quarter of 1868.  Again this was probably at Holy Trinity Church in Cowling.

Thompson and Elizabeth made their home in the small hamlet of Middleton on the outskirts of Cowling.  I have found them in the 1871 census together with their son William Henry Dawson.

They had at least one other son, Ernest, born in 1874.

Elizabeth died on 8 June 1880 and was buried four days later at the young age of 32.


  1. Hello, Thompson Dawson married Elizabeth Overton at Colwing Parish Church on the 20th December 1868, the marriage register is held in Keighley library, do you want me to pop in and get the details for you, you will then know who Elizabeth Overton’s father is.


    1. Hello Josie – thanks for looking. It would be really great if can get the details from the marriage register if it’s not too much trouble. By the way I have the Craven Indexes on CD and they are an invaluable resource – really great.




      1. Hi Mike, I noticed that you mentioned that there were 2 Elizabeth Overton’s born a year apart, well the 2 entries are for an Elizabeth Overton with parents Thomas & Jane and Elizabeth Overton with parents George & Mary, we know that your Elizabeth married Thompson Dawson in 1868, so if you check out the other Elizabeth Overton she is living in Burnley with her father George and sister Mary, at 22 Newmarket St on the 1871 Census, problem solved, your Elizabeth’s parents must be Thomas & Jane, but I will pop into the library and double check the marriage entry for you.


      2. Thanks Josie that’s really helpful.

        By the way I’ve added a link on my blog homepage to Craven Indexes and also in Genealogy Links page. Hope this is OK.


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