Wedding Wednesday – Mystery Couple

This photograph is from a large collection inherited from my grandparents when they died. Unfortunately most of them are not attributed in any way. So it is a challenge trying to work out who people are. I am resigned to accepting that I will never know for sure but I can still enjoy the images all the same.

This photograph has the photographers name and address embossed in the bottom right hand corner. It looks like F. Shuttleworth, West Lane, Haworth. This certainly puts the happy couple in the geographical area of my Dawson ancestors from around Keighley in West Yorkshire. So perhaps they are relatives.

There is no indication as to when the photograph was taken. I have seen other photographs by F. Shuttleworth on internet auction sites and they all seem to be from the 1920’s. And that would also be my guess for when this wedding took place – or maybe even a little earlier. Does anyone have an alternative suggestion?



  1. Hi Mike
    You should post this photo on rootsweb, there are experts on there at dating and repairing photos. Looks a bit earlier than the 1920’s to me.


  2. Hi Mike,
    You could browse through a history of costume at your local library too. That round collar should help. I’d guess the early 1920’s going by the length of the dress. Also I’d guess that the couple, especially the girl, are unused to dressing formally, and that her clothes might be home-made. I have several albums of old photos too and have found you can work out quite a lot by following up little clues, especially if you have old letters and documents as well. I have a family history blog here on WordPress as well. Happy hunting!


    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to the library this morning to search for some old newspaper articles. If I get chance I will have a look for costume history books. I will check out your blog – good luck with your research.


  3. You may want to see if you can have the photograph published in the local historical society or genealogical society’s newsletter. Perhaps another researcher/ancestor will recognize the couple. This has proved useful for me in identifying some of my unknown photographs. Good luck!


  4. Your beautiful couple caught my eye. I have many mystery wedding photographs which I have been posting over the last year. Just by posting it on your blog you might make a connection. I did. I usually post as much information as I know or can reasonably guess at–any inscription, name info, family resemblance (grasping at straws here), place, church where they might have been married, photographer, approximate date. If you guess the couple might be connected to a surname it might be worth posting that. Can you check a city/town directory or ask a local library to see when the photographer was working at that location? The dress looks 1920s to me, but that’s just a guess. The style of hat is interesting, and might be worth following up on. I also think one of the previous commenters might be correct that the dress is home-made. The wide hem may be a clue. My grandmother was a seamstress, and I’ve noticed wide hems on her dresses. Anyway, just a few thoughts. Good luck!


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