Day: July 23, 2011

Surname Saturday – Stirzaker

I have four people with the name Stirzaker in my family tree.  It’s not a name I have researched yet.  So the earliest person I have is Richard who married my great aunt, Isabel Musgrove in 1927.  The marriage is registered at Preston in Lancashire.

According to the website surnamedb Stirzaker is a “curious” surname of old Scandinavian origin.  It is said to be a locational name from a place called Stiracre in the parish of Garstang in Lancashire.

The place name is believed to come from the old Norse personal name “Styrr” together with the Olde English pre 7th century “aecer” meaning ploughed field or cultivated land – in old Norse this would be “akr”.  Therefore – Styrr’s akr.

Early examples of the surname include: Johannes de Steresaker (Yorkshire, 1379), and William Steresaker, “The Corpus Christi Guild”, York, dated 1477.

In modern times the name has four spelling variations: Stirzaker, Starzaker, Sterzaker and Sturzaker.

On September 5th 1567, Anthony Stirzaker and Elisabeth Philipson were married at Garstang, Lancashire, and on November 6th 1568, Alice Stirzaker married James Orton also at Garstang.

In 1664, Robert Sturzaker of Garstang was recorded in the “Exchequer Depositions”, Lancashire, and in 1668, Evan Pilkinton, of Sturzaker, in Garstang, was noted in the Lancashire Wills Records held at Richmond.

The surname appears in London Church Registers of the 17th and 18th Centuries: entries include the christening of Ellen, daughter of Joseph and Isabella Stirzaker, at St. Andrew Holborn, on January 14th 1703.

The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William de Steresacre, which was dated 1332, in the “Subsidy Rolls of Lancashire”.

British Postal Service Appointment Books

There has been much chatter in the genealogy world this week about the British Postal Service Appointment Books just released on Ancestry.

I have done some searches for the main names in my family tree.  There are plenty of Dawson’s in the area of Yorkshire that I am interested in – so I need to look at those when I have more time.

However, there were only fifteen Espley’s plus three Aspley’s and two Epsley’s.  So I have captured all this information in a new table in my spreadsheet.

The Espley’s are:-

Wm. – 1894, 1895 and 1896 in Wellington, Shropshire

Jessie – 1910 in Wellington, Shropshire working on the telephones

Wm. – 1913 in Chester

William E – 1922 – the location isn’t recorded.  Employed as certified wireless watcher.

Victor G – 1933 in Bletchley as Postman manager.

Audrey M – 1935 at the Central Telegraph Office

Victor G – 1935 in Luton and 1937 in Bedford

John S – 1940, location not recorded

Frederick J W – 1947 in Stoke on Trent as a postman

Leslie – 1949 in Southampton

James F – 1953 in Stoke on Trent as a postman

If anyone can identify these particular Espley’s I would love to hear from you.