Paper paper everywhere!!

Spent most of the day trying to get some organisation back into my research. I know that other genealogists constantly struggle with this problem. My head has been in the sand for a while and things are now in a mess.

I have scribbled notes from when I have found something of interest or importance; a stack of email replies to deal with after contacting various churches and cemeteries about burial records; loads of photographs that need organising and descriptions adding; and a pile of miscellaneous papers and computer prints to work through.

Part of the problem is that I get easily distracted and move on to something else before finishing what I started.

On top of all this I haven’t touched my one-name study for about three weeks.

So I couldn’t sleep this morning and was up about 5.40am. I was straight on to the computer to deal with the photographs. I spent about an hour adding descriptions to the various images from church and cemetery visits over the last three months.

Next I reviewed my great grandparent database where I record all birth, marriage, death and burial details and whether or not I have the relevant GRO certificate. At the same time I tidied up my ring binder of certificates and changed how these are filed to match the database.

That’s when I first got distracted and started to search for missing database information. Managed to give myself a “stiff talking to” and got back to the business of the day after about an hour.

Next I created a database to record all of Jayne’s great grandparents and their details – Ok not on my original list but it needed doing.

After that I tried to find some Irish ancestor information for my son-in-law’s tree I have recently started. Failed miserably and became disheartened.

Shuffled the filing around a bit – at least it now looks tidy.

Then I had a break and watched Leeds United vs Queens Park Rangers on the telly at 12.45pm and had some lunch.

This afternoon I decided to search for some of Jayne’s ancestors on the National Burial Index and found three or four – made more notes about them.

Not a totally successful day but not a waste of time either.

Tomorrow perhaps I will look at the pile of notes and filing. I would like to have everything cleared within the next two weeks.


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