Ribble Valley Borough Council – thumbs up

I’ve got another week of my holiday before I go back to work so I had a research day sat at the computer.  I decided to concentrate on looking for my Musgrove ancestors in the National Buriel Index.

Unfotunately I drew a blank. There doesn’t seem to be much for Lancashire in the NBI – or perhaps it was just not much for the names and area I was searching.

Anyway I tried another route. I made an assumption that the people I wanted to find had been buried in the local cemetery – I know perhaps an obvious assumption, but there are also a number of churches in the area where they could be.

I emailed Ribble Valley Borough Council this morning about 10.00am with a list of names and dates of death. Just over an hour later I had a reply confirming that they had located burials for all the people on my list. By the end of the day I had received a full reply with plot numbers, a cemetery map and directions to each grave, and a list of all the people buried in those graves – including some people I wasn’t expecting and some I have never even heard of.

I wanted to post this for two reasons. First to record my thanks to Judith at Ribble Valley Borough Council for all the information she sent to me. Second to recommend local council cemetery services as a valuable and, in my experience, a very helpful resource for genealogists.


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