Wedding Wednesday – John Carradice & Ann Ridley

My 3x great grandparents were married on this day in 1829 – sadly neither of them are still alive to celebrate the event.

John Carradice was born in Kendal in the county of Westmoreland about 1807 and Ann Ridley was born at Alston in Cumberland about 1810.

I found details of their marriage in the IGI but I haven’t yet been to the Records Office to check the information.  I was able to confirm Ann’s maiden name from my 2x great grandmother’s birth certificate – although deciphering the handwriting took quite a while.

Carradice is one of those names with a number of variants as well as deviants and the IGI records John’s name as Carradus.

I have no idea how the couple met and why they married in Kendal and not Alston for example.

John and Ann had thirteen children between 1831 and 1854.

William – c1829

John – c1831

Solomon – c1834

Mary – c1836

Thomas – c1838

Elizabeth – c1841

Ellen – c1842

Ann – c1844

David – c1846

Isaac – c1848

James – c1850

Alexander – c1852

Mary Jane – 8th November 1854 (my 2x great grandmother)

I found John and Ann in all the census returns between 1841 and 1871 – they remained in Kendal all the time.

In 1841 the Ancestry index had them as Carradine and in 1871 as Carradas.  A good example why genealogists need to be resourceful and use all their detective skills.

John was employed as a weaver all his working life.

Ann died about 1872 and John about 1873.

Other noteable events in 1829:-

Also on 2nd February Jonathan Martin set fire to York Minster

Andrew Jackson succeeded John Quincy Adams as the 7th President of the USA

Stephensons Rocket wins the Rainhill Trials

Oxford win the first University Boat Race



  1. Hallo Mike, Perhaps your 3 x great grandparents were both working in Kendal when they met, so stayed there? I always wonder how my ancestors met – it’s a shame we won’t easily discover how that happened.

    I like your additional bit with the other noteable events at the time they got married. Very interesting, hope you don’t mind if I borrow that idea with some of my posts. 😉

    Kind regards,

    Christine (rootsresearcher at So That’s Where I Get It From)


  2. Hello mike, I have came across you by google and noticed Carradice name instantly, Last year I researched my mothers tree and found they originated from westmoreland, My grandmother was a Carradice and her father Thomas Henry Carradice b1891 came from 156 strickland gate, kendal… His parents was Harry Kearsley Carradice b1869 and Edith Emma Cross b1871, I have nine generations starting from johnes Carradice b1658 from Melling in Lancashire, then 8th and 7th generation was living in Middleton-in-longsdale, sixth generation I have Solomon Carradice b1747 from Beetham Kendal married to Isabella Carlton. 5th generation Solomon Carradice b1771 married Mary Preston, 4th generation Thomas Carradice b1804 from Burnside Kendal married Jane Jackson b1806, 3rd generation Thomas Carradice b1841 from Burnside he married Ann Kearsley from Manchester. 2nd generation


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