Month: December 2010

Ancestor Profile – James Buckley (1838-1896)

James Buckley is my 2 x greatgrandfather.  He was born on 23 April 1838 in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

In the 1841 and 1851 census returns James is living with his parents, Thomas Buckley and Henrietta Buckley (nee Mason) at an address in Fleece Street, Keighley.

James married Sarah Tattersall three days after his 19th birthday on 26 April 1857 at the Parish Church of Bingley.

Bingley Parish Church

By 1861 James and Sarah are living at an address in Green Street, Keighley.  I don’t know  the house number but Green Street is a small unmade road consisting of terrace houses.  James is shown as a “mechanic” in the census return that year and Sarah is described as a “house wife”.

Ten years later in 1871 James and Sarah have moved to Wellington Street, Keighley.  James is still working as a “mechanic” and they have had five children:-

Joseph (1858-1861)

Elizabeth – born 1858

Emma – born 1863 (my greatgrandmother)

Prince – born 1865

Samuel – born 1869

By the time of the next census in 1881 Sarah had died and James had remarried.

I haven’t got Sarah’s death certificate so I don’t know the cause of death but she died at the age of 46 on 24 January 1880.

Later the same year James married Ellen Spedding on 30 October.  They had one daughter, Annie, born in 1882.

On the 1881 census James and Ellen are living at 5 Smith Street, Keighley together with James’s four surviving children from his marriage to Sarah and with William Spedding (84) who is Ellen’s father.

James has had a career change and his occupation is described as “iron fitter”.  Three of his children, Elizabeth, Emma and Prince are working in one or more of the local textile mills.  His father-in-law also worked in the textile mills and is a retired warpdresser.

At some point in the next ten years James had another career change and in the 1891 census he is “landlord and licensed victualler” of the White Bear Inn at Steeton with Eastburn – about three miles outside of Keighley.

I used to have a photograph of James and his family sitting outside the inn but I can’t find it anymore.  The inn has had a recent name change is now called The Eastburn Inn.

Coincidentally in the 1891 census James’s brother Mason was also a licensee at The New Inn, Cononley, about five miles from Steeton with Eastburn.

James died sometime in Q4 of 1896.  I haven’t got a death certificate yet so have no information as to the cause of death.

I have found Ellen Buckley (widow) in the 1901 and 1911 census returns living with her daughter Annie at 1 Thomas Street, Keighley.  Ellen is working as a charwoman in 1901 and Annie’s occupation on both returns is “milliner”.

Treasure Chest Thursday – Mission Hall Bible

I’m sad to say that we don’t really have much of anything in the way of family heirlooms.  I do have loads of old photographs rescued from my paternal grandparents and I have my mum and dad’s photo collection – apart from very recent ones.  So I suppose in a way I will have an opportunity to pass these on to someone else.

Similarly my wife Jayne doesn’t have anything – not even a photograph collection

So Jayne and I have started our own “treasures box” and we just put anything and everything in there if it has some sentimental or family connection.  To be honest it could probably do with a good sort out – I haven’t looked inside for ages.  If we want to add anything these days we generally just lift the lid and drop it inside.  I’m not sure what we’re keeping this for as there is no one else in the family who shows any interest in their ancestry.

Perhaps it will be interesting for someone to look through when we are no longer around and then do with as they wish.

Note to self – check “treasures box” and get more organised.

So I have been struggling for ages trying to think of something to write for Treasure Chest Thursday.

We recently decorated our small bedroom which we use as an “office” and I came across my granddads bible.  It’s a bit battered and worn and was tucked away on the bookshelf.

There is an inscription on the inside which was written in 1915 when my granddad would have been 12 years old.  It appears that the bible was given to him as a prize by the Primitive Methodist Sunday School, Oakworth Road Mission Hall, Keighley (West Yorkshire).

I had never thought to try and find any information about the Oakworth Road Mission Hall so I just had a look and found the photograph below.  It helps me to visualise my granddad and his family going there to worship.

Oakworth Road Mission Hall

Espley One Name Study Update #2

The last few weeks I have spent most evenings transcribing information from the IGI and the GRO indexes into my trusty notebook.

I have now completed all the IGI records and all the births up to 2005.  Just this week I made a start on the GRO marriages.

I have prepared a spreadsheet to eventually capture all the details.  However I am not yet convinced this is the way I want to go.  So the IT options are still open.

I used to think that the GRO index was infallible and that any mistakes on Ancestry for example would be down to incorrect transcription.  I now realise how naive I was.

I discovered duplicate entries and one person registered three times!

So my biggest lesson so far – check the information, then check it again and again if necessary.  Always try to find the original document, record or index.

Because I have been concentrating so much on the One Name Study I haven’t done much of anything else.

I still have to join the Guild of One Name Studies and register the Espley name.  I decided to wait a while until I gathered more information – especially about the origins of the name and the variants I want to include in the study.  At the moment I am thinking that the variant spellings will be – Esply, Esplee, Aspley and Asply.

I know that there is an Espley Group on Facebook and my wife (Jayne) has joined them.  Perhaps that might also be a source of information.