About Me

I am a 50+ Yorkshireman living in Leeds, England.  I still do a proper job five days a week and am looking forward to retirement in the next three or four years.  I am married to Jayne and have two grown up children and two granddaughters.

My interests include reading, listening to music (especially Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band), going to see live music and doing family history research.  I am also an armchair sports fan and support my local football (soccer) team – Leeds United (the best team never to have won the European Cup).

As well as You Don’t Choose Your Family I have three other blogs which I write intermittently:-

Utter Drivel – a blog about everyday nonsense

Political Drivel – a blog I started after the UK general election in May 2010

Pride and Passion – a blog about Leeds United


    1. Thanks for looking and for your comment Polli. I’ve just started to try and organise all the Espley names into family trees – that’s going to take me some time!! Happy to hear from you directly by email if you want/need to get in touch.

  1. Hello! My in laws live at Espley Hall and I was just compiling some photos for them and did a search on the internet – found your blog!
    Espley is a beautiful house, it was a wedding venue until around 15/18 years ago then was sold as individual houses.
    Would be lovely to find out how your history links to the hall and surroundings – feel free to get in touch

    1. Hi Jennifer and thanks for commenting on my blog. I have no direct link to Espley Hall. My wife is an Espley and I have been researching the Espley name and of course Espley Hall and places called Espley are pf interest. Regards.

  2. Hi Mike enjoyed ( You don’t choose your family) my 3x and 4x grandfathers were both governors of the house of correction. James and Christopher Fawcett..

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