Month: April 2011

On this day … 15th April

1779 … Hannah Overend and Robert Snowden were married.  Robert was the 1st great grand uncle of the wife of my 2nd great grand uncle

1839 … James Espley and Elizabeth Helstone were married in Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire.  James was my wife’s 2x great grand uncle

Searching for the graves

Holy Trinity Church, Cowling

I have a couple of weeks off work and thought I would make the most of my time on family history stuff.

So I spent all day yesterday updating and cross checking some research on a tree I am doing for a relative. I hardly moved from the computer screen from first thing in the morning until early evening.

Today I decided that I would get out in to the fresh air.

I dropped Jayne at the bus stop at about 6.45am and carried on to Cowling, near Keighley – a journey of about 26 miles. I had a flask of coffee, sandwiches and my camera. The plan was to hunt down some more gravestones.

I trawled through the National Burial Index recently and identified a number of relatives buried at Holy Trinity Church in Cowling and a couple at a small cemetery in Steeton with Eastburn not far from Cowling.

I had quite a long list including Dawson, Gawthrop and Snowden ancestors. I have to say that I wasn’t all that optimistic of finding very many headstones. And indeed that turned out to be right – I came home with only six names crossed off my list.

I am guessing that the graves I can’t find must all be without headstones. There were a great many of these. So I am thinking that perhaps the church will have a record of who is buried in which unmarked grave. There wasn’t anyone around today so I will have to follow this up later.

I was a bit more optimistic when I visited the small cemetery at Steeton with Eastburn. I was looking for the graves of two brothers – Arthur and Clement Dawson. Unfortunately I couldn’t find them either. And by now it had started to rain so I was feeling rather miserable.

I did manage to take a good photograph of Holy Trinity Church though. I have been on the look out for a postcard but haven’t seen one yet.

This is a Victorian church designed by Robert Dennis Chantrell and built in 1845. It is now a Grade II listed building.

The village of Cowling is Saxon in origin and is recorded in the Domesday Book as ‘Collinge’. The name means Coll’s people or tribe. At the time of the Norman Conquest the main landowner was Gamel who had very large land holdings in Yorkshire. His name survives in Gamsgill on the northern edge of the village.

Originally the village comprised three separate hamlets namely Ickornshaw, Middleton, Gill and Cowling Hill. It was only following the construction of the main Keighley to Colne Road and the building of large mills alongside the road that what is now regarded as the main village was constructed providing terraced cottage homes for the mill workers.

The older parts of the village faded in importance and as a result the parish church and village school are located on what appears to be the outskirts of the village between Ickornshaw and Middleton, the centre of the village having moved since their construction.

On this day … 14th April

1850 … Richard Doidge was born in Ashwater, Devon.  His parents were Richard Doidge and Susan Crabb.  He was the 2nd great grandfather of my wife’s 4th cousin

1863 … Thomas Francis Hardcastle was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire.  His parents were William Hardcastle and Mary Story.  He was the 1st cousin of the wife of my 4th cousin 1x removed

On this day … 13th April

1864 … Joseph Musgrove was born in Darwen, Lancashire.  His parents were John Musgrove and Catherine Ainsworth.  He was my great grand uncle

1894 … Charles Edward Maguire was born in Liverpool.  He was the husband of my wife’s 3rd cousin 1x removed

1932 … Robert William Thistlethwaite died.  He was the husband of my great grand aunt

Tombstone Tuesday – James Buckley and …..

This gravestone is in Utley Cemetery, Keighley, West Yorkshire. It is grave number 168 in unconsecrated ground in Section B of the cemetery.

The grave is the resting place of my 2 x great grandfather James Buckley; his first wife Sarah Tattersall; their son Joseph; James’ second wife Ellen Spedding; and their daughter Annie Ranson.

Joseph Buckley was born about 1858 and died sometime late in August 1861. He was buried on 30th August.

Sarah Buckley (nee Tattersall) was born about 1836 and married James on 26th April 1857. She had five children and died at the young age of 44 on 24th January 1880.

James then married Ellen Spedding on 30th October 1880 and they had one daughter, Annie.

James and Ellen were married for almost 16 years until James died aged 58 on 11th October 1896 and was buried three days later.

Ellen survived for a little over 24 years until she died at the age of 82 on 13th November 1920.

Annie went on to marry Joseph Ranson in December 1932. She died at the age of 74 on 13th May 1956

A total of nearly 95 years between the first and last burial in this grave.

On this day … 12th April

1873 … Jane Rooking died in Kendal, Westmoreland.  She was my 2x great grandmother

1874 … Ann Benson was born.  She was my 2nd cousin 2x removed.  Her parents were Charles Benson and Ann Smith

1893 … Joseph Musgrove and Elizabeth Ann Turner were married at Settle Register Office in North Yorkshire.  They were my 1x great grandparents

1918 … Kathleen Musgrove was born in Clitheroe, Lancashire.  Her parents were Fred Ainsworth Stowell Musgrove and Florrie Musgrove.  She was my aunt

1933 … Ellen Musgrove (nee Stowell) died in Clitheroe, Lancashire.  Her parents were John Stowell and Ann Astin.  She was my great grandmother

Clitheroe – Postcard #4

This is a postcard of the Market Place in Clitheroe, Lancashire.

The postcard is unused and I think dates from around 1950. It is published by F Frith & Co of Reigate.

I got the card simply because Clitheroe is an important location in my ancestral heritage, especially on my maternal side of the family. There is also a good possibility that my Dawson line can be traced back there sometime in the mid 1700’s.

The postcard shows a group of people in the bottom left standing outside the offices of  the Clitheroe Advertiser & Times newspaper. My mother tells me that there is a bus stop there.

Interestingly there are no road markings visible – either down the middle of the main road or at the junctions. There is a pedestrian crossing just behind the truck in the centre of the card. You can see the Belisha beacons at either side of the road. When pedestrian crossings were first introduced they were marked by large metal studs in the road surface. These crossings were later painted in black and white stripes, thus are known as zebra crossings.

At the top you can just see Clitheroe castle behind the trees. I am on the look out for a postcard of the castle and then this might appear in another blog post.

On this day…..9th April

1654 … James Hurtley was born in Kirkby Malhamdale, North Yorkshire.  He was my 6x great grandfather

1772 … Ann Wigglesworth was born in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.  She was the great grandmother of the husband of my 3rd cousin 2x removed

1896 … Alice Maud Hardcastle was born in Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire.  She was the sister in law of my 4th cousin 1x removed

2008 … my dad Graham Dawson died in Leeds, West Yorkshire